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Culture. Acceptance. Respect. Educate.

Nestled in a quiet rural community, our preschool values relationships to connect, educate,
develop and grow.

Our Preschool

At Seaham Preschool the connections and relationships we develop with children, families, community, professionals, and culture guide the development of our program. Through our play-based curriculum children build and strengthen their skills and abilities by participating in both individual and group activities. Our educators facilitate learning through intentional teaching, spontaneous experiences, and child-initiated interests.

Our indoor environment provides learning areas where the activities progress as required and the children’s ideas, interests, culture, experiences, and enquiries guide planning. Our relationships with children, families, and the community allow us to create a curriculum supporting play, education, and communication. Our educators use intentional teaching to guide, support, and extend the curriculum collaborating for a shared purpose.

Our outdoor environment is an integral part of our curriculum and way of learning. It surrounds us with natural experiences and avenues to connect and grow. We have key learning areas for children to explore, that extend learning opportunities for each child. Our large natural outdoor environment provides opportunities to use both gross and fine motor skills whilst providing freedom to run, hide, explore, engage, and simply sit and “be’ in the outdoors.

Our learning areas support risky play and gross motor strength, providing opportunities for the children to be supported to undertake risk assessments themselves before engaging. Each and every child has their own unique way of developing and learning. Our educators recognise this and use their knowledge and understanding of child development to work in partnership with families to meet the needs of every child.

See what parents are saying

Elizabeth – Mother of Charlotte, Isabelle, and William

We started at Seaham Preschool to allow our eldest daughter to meet some familiar faces before starting school the following year. We had been attending a long day care and the difference was immense, so much so I wish I had enrolled her earlier. The free play, the structure for mealtimes, the responsibilities she had for her own thongs and the type of learning experiences within the preschool really prepared her for beginning school. We have now had three children go through the Preschool over nine years and the level of commitment the staff have to the kid’s personal growth is impressive. Every week my son is excited to find out what new thing Kelly has been shopping for whether it be dinosaur toys or Guinea pigs and what activities are waiting for him inside.

Elizabeth - Mother of Charlotte, Isabelle, and William

Amy – Mother of Elijah and Peter.

My two sons attended Seaham Preschool between the years 2017 and 2021. They both absolutely loved it, and so did I.  During the time they attended, my children developed deep connections with Kelly, her staff and their peers. Our family felt so welcome and loved, and my children always came home with smiles on their faces to tell me what activities they’d been up to that day. I always recommend Seaham Preschool to anyone; I cannot rate them highly enough. The guidance, care, love and support that Kelly and her staff provided our family is something I am eternally grateful for. My children absolutely thrived being at Seaham Preschool.

Amy - Mother of Elijah and Peter.

Stephanie- Mother of Makaira and Aria

As a parent all you could want when you send your child to preschool is a place that they love and a place that your comfortable leaving them. Seaham Community Preschool is a beautiful school with patient, friendly and loving educators. Both my daughters have loved every minute at the school, they have learnt so much, had fun and created beautiful friendships. The school readiness program has made the transition from preschool to kindergarten a breeze. Seaham has a beautiful community with kindhearted and friendly families and children coming through the centre.

Stephanie- Mother of Makaira and Aria

Renee – Mother of Alec

We just moved up here from Sydney and I was very nervous about my 4-year-old starting a new preschool halfway through the term, especially because in Sydney he had anxiety issues. As soon as I visited Seaham Preschool for the first time I felt at home, and most importantly my son was comfortable and very happy. Kelly, Tania, and Teegan are the most caring and thoughtful teachers, and always go above and beyond for the children, even for us parents who sometimes need to unwind at the end of the day. The reassurance and advice I constantly receive from the preschool about my son’s emotional development and growth, has been so accurate and helpful. You can see all the teachers care about each induvial need in the class, they are truly a one in a million preschool! In just a short time my son has overcome his anxiety issues, and he has become a confident, independent, and excited little boy! Thank you, Kelly, Tania, and Teegan you truly are the best.

Renee - Mother of Alec

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