Our learning environments inspire children to explore, investigate, connect, play, and learn.

We are located within a beautiful small rural community where our environment provides a quiet and natural background to play, learn and explore. Our preschool is on approximately 1.5 acres offering environments that provide opportunities for children to discover, explore, grow, imagine, experiment, and foster relationships with their peers and educators using the environment as a third teacher.

Our preschool has connections and relationships with our immediate and extended community which allows for our curriculum to be strong within culture, safety, and wellbeing.


We create an environment to inspire shared learning.  Through inclusive practices, play, respectful relationships, and connecting to nature and culture, co-learning is embedded. When children have opportunities to engage and explore, they develop an appreciation of the world around them. https://seahampreschool.com.au/philosophy/


Our vision reflects the practices that we strive to incorporate every day.  Through our interactions we create an inclusive environment which reflects acceptance for all and respect for each other and the world around us. The connections we build with each other and the environment supports positive opportunities for learning. Our key practices create CARE- Culture. Acceptance. Respect. Educate.


This acknowledgement was created by the children of Seaham Preschool.

We touch the ground
Up to the sky
We are all
On Worimi

Engaging with our environment

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